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Unit Definition (mu)
The mu is a traditional unit of land area in China. The traditional mu is about 675 square meters or 800 square yards. However, the colonial customs authorities used a larger mu equal to 8273.75 square feet, 919.3 square yards, or 768.65 square meters. In modern China, the mu is often reckoned to be exactly 1/15 hectare, which is 666.667 square meters or 797.327 square yards.

Unit Definition (hectare)
The Hectare is the customary metric unit of land area, equal to 100 ares. One hectare is a square hectometer, that is, the area of a square 100 meters on each side: exactly 10 000 square meters or approximately 107 639.1 square feet, 11 959.9 square yards, or 2.471 054 acres.

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