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Unit Definition (cape rood)
The cape rood is a traditional unit of distance in South Africa, equal to 12 Cape feet or 12.396 English feet (3.7783 meters).

Unit Definition (city block [Midwest U.S.])
The city block is an informal unit of distance popular in the U.S. A block is the average distance between street intersections in the rectangular street grids common in most American cities. The length of a block varies from about 1/20 mile (80 meters) in New York to about 1/16 mile (100 meters) in many midwestern cities to about 1/10 mile (160 meters) in cities of the South and West. (In New York and some other cities, streets running on one direction are closer together than streets running perpendicular. In these cities, people often speak of "short blocks" or "long blocks.")

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