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Unit Definition (cape inch)
The cape inch is another traditional South African unit for distance. There are 12 cape inches in a cape foot. The Cape foot equals 12.396 English inches, 1.0330 English foot, or 31.4858 centimeters.

Unit Definition (story)
The story is an informal unit of distance equal to the average distance between floors of a building. In British English the spelling is "storey" and the plural is "storeys"; Americans write "story" and "stories." Typically a story equals 10 to 12 feet (3.0-3.6 meters). The origin of this use of the word "story" is not entirely clear, but in medieval times a tier of sculptures or stained glass windows on the front of a cathedral was called a stor(e)y because it usually told a story, and the number of stories was a measure of the size of the building.

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