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Unit Definition (agate line [Adobe])
Agate is a standard unit of measurement found primarily in newspaper advertising. There are 14 Agates per inch.

Unit Definition (hubble)
The hubble is a unit of distance sometimes used in astronomy. The hubble is a gigantic unit, equal to 10E9 light years. This is 9.4605 x 10E21 kilometers (9.4605 yottameters, if you please), 5.8785 sextillion miles (U.S.), 63.240 x 10E12 astronomical units, or 306.595 megaparsecs. In practice, most astronomers use the megaparsec for measuring such stupendous distances. The unit honors the American astronomer Edwin Hubble (1889-1953), who discovered the expansion of the Universe later explained by the Big Bang theory.

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