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Unit Definition (agate line [Adobe])
Agate is a standard unit of measurement found primarily in newspaper advertising. There are 14 Agates per inch.

Unit Definition (football field [U.S., complete])
The football field is a common informal unit of distance in the United States and Canada. Americans aren't quite agreed as to whether the unit is exactly 100 yards (91.44 meters), the distance between the goal lines on an American football field, or 120 yards (109.728 meters), the 'complete' distance including the two end zones. Canadian football fields are 110 yards (100.58 meters) long between the goal lines and 150 yards (137.16 meters) including the end zones. The football field is also used sometimes as an informal unit of area: including the end zones, an American football field represents an area of 1.3223 acre or about 0.535 hectare while the Canadian football field has an area of 2.0145 acre or 0.815 hectare.

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